Over the past decade, I have dedicated myself to transforming my 3-acre property into a natural food forest.

Along the way, I have learned the true importance of growing your own food and how doing so yields healthier, happier people. So, I made it my mission to educate and inspire others to do the same, regardless of the size of their space.

Our Mission

Empower people with the knowledge to grow their own food.

Our Values

Communities are the key to safer and healthy communities

I’ve been teaching grow your own food seminars and working at a local garden center and have had the privilege of interacting with so many different gardeners from seasoned nature experts to novices. I have gained a wealth of knowledge and insight into their unique gardening styles, experiences, and challenges.

Today, I have expanded these efforts by creating a comprehensive course using video lectures, assessments, and step-by-step projects that get you creating and maintaining an affordable, low-maintenance garden.

If you can dedicate yourself to this course for the next 30 days and complete the projects, I will hold you accountable and motivate you along til the end.