Let’s Grow!

Let’s Grow!

This course is designed for hobbyists and small-time gardeners who want to learn how to grow a garden that not only supplements their food but also enhances their landscape.

For the next 30 days, get ready to dive deep into the science behind gardening and make informed decisions that will take your garden to new heights!

Do you have what it takes?

Your Commitment

Your commitment: Make this course and your garden a top priority for the next 30 days. We all have the time, we just use it in different ways. But this is important. Devote a few hours a week to watch the videos, complete the assignments and projects, take the quizzes, and communicate with me. So, turn off your distractions and focus on this course.

My Commitment

It is incredibly important to me that people grow their own food and I have designed this course to make sure they can. I hold my students accountable to stay committed and finish the course. I check in on your progress, answer your questions, and celebrate your progress every step of the way. Let’s enjoy the benefits of growing our own food, together.

Our Gardening Courses

Let’s Grow!

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perfect for beginners or experienced gardeners who want to grow their own food and improve their landscape plants using low maintenance and natural strategies.

You will receive in-depth instruction, coaching, and support to take your skills to the next level.

Commit 30 days to this course and you’ll become a successful gardener.

Grow Big!


This extended version of the Let’s Grow course is designed for food forest gardeners with access to more land and resources.

You’ll learn how to design and maintain a food forest that provides you with a diverse range of fresh produce throughout the year.

Kids Gardening


A child-friendly garden course that encourages curiosity, creativity, and healthy habits.

Involve your child in every step of the gardening process and create lasting memories. A love for nature will benefit their behavior for years to come.